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Although the so-called war on drugs peaked in the 1980s and has tapered off recently, most states still have very strict laws in this area. Possessing even a small quantity of substances which the state considers dangerous often leads to high fines and long prison sentences. If the charge is possession with intent to distribute, the potential penalties are truly staggering. Many of these cases involve the use of a highly-paid informant, questionable police procedures, and other circumstances that can serve as powerful arguments for the case to be dismissed or to convince a jury that the defendant is not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The attorneys at Stringini & Garvey, P.C. routinely handle drug cases. In fact, we have over 65 years of combined experience in criminal law. Our firm has worked on both the prosecution and defense side, which means we have unique insight into the way drug cases are prosecuted. We can use that experience to gain an advantage. Our lawyers are supported by a dedicated professional team whose singular focus is the best possible result under the circumstances.

Elements of a Drug Case

Illinois law assigned penalties by considering the nature of the substance and the amount of drugs seized. Some examples include:

  • Heroin: A rising number of drug cases in Chicago and throughout the suburbs involve heroin. This substance is an example of a Schedule I drug, because it has no medicinal value, is very addictive, and very dangerous. In terms of quantity, anything over 99 grams may be a non-probation offense, meaning that a prison sentence is mandatory. The fine may be as much as $200,000.
  • Opium: Because it has some medicinal value and is very addictive and dangerous, opium, coca leaves, and other similar substances are Schedule II drugs. Depending on the amount, the maximum punishment may be somewhat lower, but its is still yeas in prison and thousands of dollars.
  • Steroids: These are Schedule III drugs, as they have an accepted medical use and a high risk of adverse side effects. First-time possession of steroids in a small quantity is actually a misdemeanor, but possession of a Schedule III drug is normally a felony.
  • Diazepam: Prescription painkillers are normally Schedule IV drugs. It is also a crime to alter a bottles label or possess a fraudulent prescription.
  • Poly-Tussin: This and other Schedule V drugs contain small amounts of codeine and other potentially dangerous substances.

Charges are often upgraded to possession with intent to deliver if there is a large quantity or drugs, or additional items like scales, baggies, guns, and cash.

Defenses in Illinois Court

One common tactic if we cannot win your case at trial, is to plead guilty to a lesser charge; for example, a person may be caught with 17 grams of cocaine but plead guilty to possession under 15 grams. Other times, the prosecutor may use unreliable field tests to authenticate the drugs or the word of an informer who received thousands of dollars, or legal immunity, for the tip. For a free consultation, contact Stringini & Garvey, P.C. at 630-834-9595. Home and jail visits are available. We assist clients in DuPage County, Cook County, and throughout the Chicagoland area.

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