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Examining Illinois’ Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Limits

 Posted on August 08,2017 in DUI

Illinois DUI defense lawyersBlood alcohol concentration, or BAC, is a measurement of the alcohol in your body’s system. Register high enough, and you could be looking at a DUI charge. The following information can help you learn more about the BAC limits for different drivers, how your BAC at the time of arrest may impact your case, and what a criminal defense attorney can do for you.

General BAC Limits in Illinois

Most Illinois drivers will fall under the general BAC limit of 0.08 percent. However, a driver may still be charged with a DUI if they show signs of impairment with a BAC of 0.05 or higher. Such signs could include anything from slurred speech, failure to pass a sobriety test, or swerving within one’s lane. However, these issues may not necessarily be connected to intoxication.

One may fail a field sobriety test completely sober (news sources have confirmed this), and slurred speech could be caused by other medical conditions. Swerving within one’s lane could occur because of night vision issues, debris in the road, and other matters unrelated to intoxication. Fight back against your DUI charges with help from an experienced attorney.

CDL Drivers and DUI Limits

Because they handle potentially deadly vehicles, commercial drivers are held to an even higher standard than other road users – and that includes their BAC limit. Anything over 0.04 percent is considered intoxication, and it could result in a suspension or complete revocation of one’s CDL license. Do not let your livelihood be stripped away by a mistake or wrongful arrest. Instead, get experienced assistance with your DUI charges case.

Minors and Zero Tolerance

Illinois has a zero tolerance law for minors, which means even trace amounts of alcohol could result in a DUI charge. Sadly, the law fails to consider that alcohol is contained in several other items that are readily available to minors. Kombucha, certain gums, mouthwash, and even certain lip balms are all prime examples. If your teen has been charged with a DUI, make sure you seek immediate and experienced help with their case.

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