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Truck Drivers and Traffic Tickets

 Posted on July 13,2017 in Traffic Violations

Illinois defense attorney, Illinois traffic lawyerNo two truck driving jobs are alike. For some, you work with one company delivering goods to homes within the same city. On the other side of the spectrum, some truckers deliver goods thousands of miles away to other states and countries. Although recent technological innovations make navigating the roads easier, truckers must still abide by federal and state traffic laws. What happens when these truckers get a citation for a traffic violation in Illinois if this is not their home state?

How Do Truck Drivers Handle Speeding Tickets?

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), one of the five most ticketed truck driving behaviors is speeding between six and ten miles per hour over the speed limit. Commercial drivers have the opportunity to pay the citation or to plead “not guilty” and potentially go to court. If you would like to maintain your career and continue earning money, take it to court to fight the citation. Trucking companies use a Safety Measurement System (SMS) to implement and record safety regulations. Most violations are ranked and assigned severity points based on the amount over the speed limit. A driver becomes less employable as this number rises. The table is as follows:

  • One to five MPH over receive one severity point,
  • Six to ten MPH over get four severity points,
  • 11-14 MPH over obtain seven severity points, and
  • 15 MPH or more over (reckless driving) earn ten severity points, the highest possible.

Consequences of Paying the Ticket

The consequences of paying a ticket are further reaching when it comes to your commercial driver’s license. The ticket itself may have already gotten you fired from your current job but paying the ticket without contestation can prevent you from obtaining gainful employment for years. To pay a ticket means to plead guilty, just the same as if a case were to go to trial and the defendant found guilty. Doing so:

  • Keeps points both the carrier's and driver's records for years,
  • Increased insurance premiums all around,
  • Negative stain on the driving record that may impact future incidents, and
  • Less employment desirability.

If Trucking Is Your Life, Save Your Life

For many truckers, this is not just a “temporary job,” this is a way of life. A way to earn a living for now and years to come. Sometimes, this career is passed on through several generations. The thought of giving that up to start a whole new career because of a simple mistake is heartbreaking. If you do not live in Illinois and you received your ticket here, choosing to fight the ticket does not mean you must appear in court. To discuss your case with a proven Maywood, IL CDL traffic ticket defense attorney, Stringini & Garvey, P.C. are available to take your case. We proudly and aggressively protect our clients throughout Glendale Heights, Lombard, Maywood, Bloomingdale, and all surrounding Chicagoland area. Call today to schedule your free and confidential initial consultation at 630-834-9595.






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