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Avoiding a DUI Charge

 Posted on May 19,2017 in DUI

Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal lawyerThe breathalyzer as we know it today was born in 1954 by a man named Robert Borkenstein and has undergone little alteration since it’s introduction. An estimated 86% of the adult population of the United States claims they have consumed alcoholic beverages at least one time in their life, many of which went on to drive home. Breathalyzers use technology to detect the amount of alcohol on the breath of these drivers, which results in DUI allegations. This form of sobriety test has many pitfalls, and for this reason, researchers, inventors, and scientists all over the world scramble to create the next alcohol detection device.

The Current Device

The current tool is a guideline and no means is it perfected to 100% accuracy. Everyday items such as mouthwash and cough syrup are known to register a false positive in some machines. By breathing into the device, the device is estimating the amount of alcohol on your breath.

Apps, Accessories, and Chip Bags for Consumers

Did you watch the Super Bowl 2016? Tostitos brand chips advertised their limited-edition breathalyzer bag as an effort to reduce unintentional drunken driving. Alcohol impairs judgment including self-analysis of inebriation levels. This bag enabled consumers to breathe discretely into this particular chip bag which identified any alcohol present in the breath, not intoxication levels, turning red and reading “don’t drink and drive” upon detection. Devices continue to flood the market, including downloadable applications with accessories to blow into, like a breathalyzer. Additionally, the invention of the temporary tattoo that detects alcohol through perspiration is gaining popularity and in preliminary testing proves to have a high accuracy level.

Police Ramp Up Their Capabilities

There is a push from government officials, activists, and police officers for all new vehicles to come standard with a device similar to measure naturally exhaled breath. Automobile manufacturers are also attempting to create a vehicle that drives itself in the event a driver is too intoxicated to drive. This prototype also detects signs of drowsiness and makes attempts to wake up weary drivers. In 2014, researchers in Poland claimed to have invented a laser device capable of detecting alcohol chemicals in the air of a vehicle cabin from the side of the road 65 feet away. Of course, the usage of such a device will have to pass strict scrutiny of opposition due to the infringing nature of the apparatus.

Use Available Tools

If you plan on drinking and driving, consider using the fun chip bag or the alcohol detecting tattoo as an alternative to drunken driving. If such a device can save you heartache and headache of legal hot water, there is no reason not to partake. However, these devices are not readily available to the public in all areas, and those who do not have them are left to rely on their judgment. If you face accusations of a DUI, you should contact a knowledgeable and experienced Maywood, IL DUI defense attorney by calling Stringini & Garvey, P.C. today at 630-834-9595 to schedule your free initial consultation at one of our four convenient locations in Glendale Heights, Lombard, Bloomingdale, and Maywood.





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