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A Moment of Rage and Weapons Charges

 Posted on November 18,2016 in Criminal Defense

Illinois gun laws, Illinois defense lawyerGun laws in Illinois used to be nearly impossible to maneuver outside of a private residence. If an individual were outside of their dwelling in possession of a firearm, weapons charges would be brought up against them. Now, the laws are slightly more lax. However, regulations are still among the most strict in the country. Many people argued and made numerous deals to grant the ability to select individuals to be able to concealed carry. A moment of rage can nearly instantaneously revoke those privileges as well as lead to incarceration.

A Firearm Is a Tool

A firearm is not a toy. It also is not to be used as a form of threat, nor to force someone to do your will. A firearm is simply a tool that may be used to protect yourself and your family from immediate danger. It is not to be used as a deterrent for a crime unless you have reason to believe that you are in a life or death situation. To draw your weapon on another person is to threaten to assert deadly force. Doing so without just cause is illegal. Assess the situation with these guidelines:

  • Do you see a weapon on the attacker or do they have the ability to cause serious bodily harm?
  • Does the attacker have hands on their weapon, giving them the opportunity to attack?
  • Have they said or done something that gives you a reason to believe they have the intention to cause serious bodily harm?
  • Can you run away safely?

Reactions Matter

When life is at stake, it is best to have complete control over your emotions. When you are holding a gun, you are holding someone else’s life in your hands. It is a heavy burden to bear. Therefore, it is important that your emotions not cloud your judgment. A few points to remember when handling a volatile situation:

  • Do not instigate confrontation,
  • Maintain your composure,
  • Understand the difference between self-defense and anger, and
  • Do not exit your vehicle in a road rage incident.

Illinois is a strictly concealed carry state, therefore, not part of your weapon should be visible at any time. You are not responsible and cannot control someone else’s reaction. Therefore, as a responsible gun owner, it is your public duty to keep your weapon hidden from view. It is possible to face weapons charges just by having the item where someone can see it mistakenly. Additional charges may ensue if you have also drawn your weapon on someone else without proper cause. You need the assistance of an attorney who believes in your right to defend yourself through the Second Amendment. If you are facing weapons charges and would like to discuss possible defenses with a proven and experienced

If you are facing weapons charges and would like to discuss possible defenses with a proven and experienced DuPage County, IL criminal defense attorney, contact Stringini & Garvey, P.C. today at 630-834-9595 to schedule your risk-free initial consultation. We use our over 65 years of combined experienced to defend our clients in Maywood, Glendale Heights, Lombard, Bloomingdale, and all surrounding Chicagoland area.




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